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Our Loan Originator

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Kyle Green  NMLS 2121957

MLO & Owner of Wholesale Mortgage Team



Physical Location

Fargo, ND 58104


Originating Mortgage Loans in 4 states!  (ND, MN, AK, FL)

"Closings are my mission and clients are my passion"

A Bit About Me

I am the designated loan originator here. It is very nice to know you are considering my team for your mortgage needs. I am excited to help you succeed in financing a home.

My team is based out of Fargo, North Dakota. Personally, I grew up on the south side of Fargo.

I enjoy outdoor activities and warm summer weather. Winters are great too, but I tend to not be as keen on cold weather, which is why I chose to live in North Dakota! Haha! However, in the winter, I enjoy skating, watching my dogs roll in the fluffy snow piles and a nice hot glass of cocoa after a long cold day. Some other things I enjoy in my spare time are spending time with family, golfing, trips to the lakes, traveling to new places, projects of any kind and fixing or building things, whatever it might be. 

I became interested in being a mortgage professional as I was attending college. The reason behind the idea was that I was always excellent with math and most certainly always have had a love for helping others problem solve. Mortgage is very much a complex equation that I love helping people understand and find the solution for.

A little history on me:


My fiancé and I migrated from North Dakota to Colorado at the age of 23, where I attended college with Colorado Technical University. I graduated December of 2020 and obtained a degree in finance.

After college, I started simple and processed loans for a while to better understand the process and what it takes to close a mortgage loan. This process really helped us grow to what we are today. And, even though I loved processing loans so much, I still had a greater desire to help clients at the forefront of the mortgage process. So, a while after getting started in processing, I obtained my MLO license to make the dream a reality.


Since this time, my team has implemented high quality processes and technology to simplify the mortgage financing process and make homeownership more fun and less stressful for everyone involved in the process.


Let me guide you through the steps in obtaining your home, today. I will listen to your situation, evaluate your goals and provide options that are tailored to your needs. I will also be there when you need me.

If you are looking for someone dedicated to providing you every ounce of effort they can to purchase a home, give me a call today. 

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