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Getting you the mortgage loan you deserve!

Working for you & NOT the Banks!

Markets Served: North Dakota & Minnesota

Hi there! I'm Kyle Green, the Loan Officer leading Wholesale Mortgage Team.


Here's a little bio about myself...


I am a Native North Dakotan, born and raised. But, I haven't lived here my entire life. At 23 I decided to spice things up and ventured off to Denver with my fiancé, Katie, to enjoy our 20s and live among the outdoors and mountainous views. Fast forward a bit, at 30, I Graduated at Colorado Technical University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. My concentration was finance.

Now, let's talk about what really gets me going—numbers and problem-solving. That led me to where I am now, navigating the world of mortgages. But before I dove into financing intricacies, I had an interest in the automotive industry fixing vehicles. So, I was a mechanic for a few years and then worked in maintenance administration with The Hertz Corporation, managing their fleet maintenance in Denver. However, fixing and working on vehicles was always more of a hobby for me, so I decided to keep it that way when I decided to study finance. Fixing anything with an engine was my jam before this, though. That passion for fixing and improving has seamlessly flown into my work as a Mortgage Loan Officer—I'm all about refining processes and brainstorming innovative solutions to ensure my clients hit the jackpot of success.

As for home, I've nestled down in the cozy town of Hankinson, North Dakota, just an hour south of Fargo. In 2022, my fiancée Katie and I decided to trade city buzz for a countryside haven, snagging ourselves a little slice of heaven.

Now, when I'm not donning the professional hat, you'll find me knee-deep in activities and projects that keep me busy. In the summers, adventures and hikes are my favorite, often accompanied by our spirited 10-year-old furball, Oatey. This dog might be in his double digits, but he's still got the energy of a puppy. Animals are one of my soft spots, and lazy days by the lake during summer with family are my sanctuary. Oh, and did I mention I'm a sucker for all things automotive? That means I really enjoy car shows, and cruises with friends in the summer. 

Speaking of good times, did I mention summer is my favorite time of the year? During these months, I enjoy spending time in the outdoors and creating those unforgettable moments with family and soaking up the sun. Winters are my less favorite time of year and these colder months bring out my handyman side—I tinker with odd jobs around the house, fixing this and that and doing interior improvements to keep the cold months productive. Whether it's in my professional endeavors or the simple joys of life—family, nature, and the like—you'll find me committed to continuous improvement.


Kyle Green

Loan Originator - NMLS# 2121957

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